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  National events

Results of the National Championship (West) at Revelstoke, BC
on September 3 & 4

The Canadian National Championship (West), sanctioned by World Trials Canada, took place on September 3 and 4 at Revelstoke, BC.

The WTC National Championship (West) appears to have been an unqualified success, with 46 competitors in six classes, and a huge crowd of spectators.

Tino Marin of Calgary won the Expert class. Please see the full results HERE.

National Championship (East) Results, La Tuque, Quebec, May 21 & 22

The two rounds of the National Championship (East) took place at La Tuque, Québec on May 21 and 22, organized by ATAQ.

The Bélanger name appears more then once in the results, with the first three expert places on both days (and thus the overall results) showing Michel Bélanger, Brian Wojnarowski and Paul-Yvan Bélanger as first, second and third. The Junior results show Axèle Fortin Bélanger as the winner of both rounds, and thus the national champion (East) in the junior class.

The full results for all classes can be seen HERE for day one, and HERE for day two of the championships.

WTC 2016 National Championship dates announced

The WTC has announced the dates of the national championship rounds for 2016, along with the dates of the Outlaw Series.

May  21 & 22 National Championship - East
Sept  3 &  4 National Championship - West
The National Championship (East) will be organized by ATAQ, and will be located at La Tuque, Quebec. The National Championship (West) will be organized by Dave Rhodes, and will be located at the Glacier House Resort, at Revelstoke, BC.
2015 National Championship Results

Both days of the National Championships (East) were won by Québec's Michel Bélanger. The full results of both days can be seen here, for day one, and here, for day two.

The National Championship (West) was won by Sam King on day one, and by Tino Marin on day two. Tino Marin's 2 -1 placing gave hime the edge fo rthe overall championship. The full results can be seen here.

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